Must oonüks boho stiilis kaelakee

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Musta oonüksi ja kuldse värvi kombinatsioon loob julge ja klassikalise kontrasti, mis täiendab iga riietust.

This black onyx pendant and gold chain necklace is an eye-catching and elegant accessory that is perfect for formal occasions as well as everyday wear. The pendant is made of black onyx, which is known for its elegant and refined appearance. The pendant is skillfully cut in a unique shape that brings out the natural beauty of the stone and is paired with a stylish gold color chain that adds glamor to the necklace. The combination of black onyx and gold creates a bold and classic contrast that complements any outfit. In addition to its stylish appeal, black onyx is believed to have protective and grounding properties, making this necklace a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection. This black onyx pendant and gold chain necklace is a versatile and sophisticated accessory that is sure to turn heads.

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